I began practicing yoga as way to de-stress like many that come to yoga.  My first teacher was a lovely lady by the name of Genny Pengelly.  She taught her well prepared classes with music and meditations in the basement of her home and I have very fond memories of attending her classes.

After a while, I grew such a strong attachment to the practice of yoga that I felt that I would like to teach yoga to others so that they too could experience this wonderful sense of serenity that I had found.  I began practicing with Jane McEwan who had been taught by Winny Young amoungst other teachers.  Winny Young was one of the early students of Iyengar when he came to Swaziland and Mauritius to teach yoga to the South African students.  She then started her own group of yoga teachers and called this Young Yoga Institute (YYI).  This was the beginning of my journey to study Iyengar yoga.

After completing my Teachers training with YYI, I felt that although this was good, there was something missing.  This took me to my first Iyengar Yoga teacher, Jenny Morris in Johannesburg.  I remember being amazed that I was doing everything wrong.  Being very flexible, learning to control my body was incredibly difficult.   I think people that have stiffer bodies think that it looks easier for those that have very flexible bodies, but the awareness and control take longer to develop as we cannot feel the areas that inflexible bodies naturally feel.

I am privileged to have been mentored through my Introductory and Intermediate Junior Iyengar training by Brigitta Tummon who has been doing Iyengar yoga since her twenties.   The Western Cape Region has an enormous wealth of knowledge and very senior teachers (including Gillian Bacon and Pat Deacon) and I am very grateful to have their guidance, caring and support as I continue my yoga journey as both a practitioner and teacher of Iyengar Yoga.

I also give thanks to the lineage, through my teachers to their teachers, Brahmacharya BKS Iyengar, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar.  I was fortunate to attend class in Pune India in 2013 where I was taught by Abhijata and Geeta Iyengar where Mr Iyengar was in the back of the class keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.  I have also attended workshops with many wonderful Senior Iyengar teachers Faeq Biria, Corrine Biria, John Schumacher, Dean Learner, Firooza Razvi to name a few.



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