Attachment causes suffering

The second of the 4 Noble Truths of buddism is “the origin of  suffering is attachment”.  For me this is not only the attachent to material things, but also the attachment to the idea of how things should be.

When I was young (er), I had and idea that I would grow up, have a husband, have 2 children, a lovely home, live to eighty, be healthy.  Now that I am old (er), things have not worked out as I planned.  The controlling part of me would want to fix and the more I fix, the more unhappy I could be, or I could practice non-attachment to the outcome and enjoy what I have.

Life does not turn out quite what we expect.  We get divorced, we experience dis-ease, our life circumstances change.  We try to hold onto a idea, a vision of something that is not real.

Take time to acknowledge gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life, big or small.

What I do have is a wonderful man in my life, whom I adore, a wonderful safe place to live in.  I am surrounded by loving, caring family and friends.  The home we share is small but comfortable.  It  keeps me dry in the rain. Safe from the elements. I feel truly blessed.

Things may not be how you expected, but they are perfect, right here, right now.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti




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