Geeta Convention May 2011


I had the fortunate experience of attending Geeta Iyengar’s convention in Johannesburg last week.  This is my first exposure directly to Geeta Iyengar and I can honestly say that it was an inspiration.

The first hand experience of her simple instructions which brought attention and awareness to the body, where incredible.

Her knowledge on the subject of yoga extends beyond the Asana’s.  I was amazed and she quoted Patanjali’s sutra’s specific to a posture we where working on.

Her understanding of the human body was able to assist many medical problems but the eagle attention to how the person was standing as well as in depth knowledge of Ayurveda where amazing.

There have been many who have been taught by the Iyengar’s over the past few decades.  I have benefited from their teachings through my teachers.  I feel deeply grateful to them for passing on their knowledge so freely.

I reread this post and hope you will not be offended by the number of superlatives used, but do truly feel humbled.

in love and light



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