Practicing Santosha – contentment

In today’s world, everything moves so quickly.  With the new seasons there are new fashions, which are all presented so beautifully in the shop windows.  The marketing thereof always set to remind us that it is time to purchase something new.  Perhaps the next time you are tempted to purchase something new, remind yourself to practice Santosha.  Contentment with what you have.

Contentment can be applied to many areas of our lives both physically and spiritually.  Practice being in the present moment is an act of santosha.  Being present and content in a pose is reflective of what your state of being is every day.

  • Do you reject something because you are not perfect at it?
  • Are you content where you are with your practice for today?

Taking a step back from the automatic trigger of desire, to want, to be and rather reflect on whether it is really necessary to fulfill that desire.  Enjoy the experience of the desire by reflecting on it, but then choose to be content with what you have.

Santosha is one of the Niyamas (universal principles) of Patajali’s ashtanga or eight limbs of yoga.

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