Creating sacred space for practice


And now the teaching on yoga begins. Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. When the mind has settled, we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind. — The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translated by Alistair Shearer 

As a yoga teacher and student, my first impression of either giving or attending a class is always the creation of sacred space in which to practice.

Creating sacred space is about taking time at the beginning of the meditation or yoga practice to find your center.  Taking time to find the rhythm of the breath and to come into the moment.

So much of our day moves our energy away from our center.  Taking a few moments at the beginning of the practice to set your intention, allows the movement into a safe practice space and with that comes the healing needed.

For me this is what is so sacred about doing and teaching a yoga practice.  As a student, the teacher guides the student to find that stillness.   It is in this very vulnerable state that you are in the hands of the teacher and  have to trust that the teacher has the highest intentions.

From this quiet space the practice can begin.

The sequences of Asana’s are like a string of mala beads.  Moving you from one asana to the next, like the repetition of a mantra.  The final posture, Savasana, the culmination of all the poses, brings the sadakha (practitioner) to a point of resting awareness.  The stillness from where you started the class has expanded.  The student now has the energy to move back into the world with serenity, and a deeper sense of self.


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