The healing capacity of yoga

Just about everyone around me (including myself) is dealing with a major or minor crises. To each one of us, it seems to take endless mental, physical and emotional energy to deal with. Some deal with it through “chemical” assistance, therapy of different types(both mental and physical) even denial. Through all, I have found that the constant reassurance of yoga asana and pranayama have been welcome companions. The yoga asanas continue to keep my physical body strong. The pranayama, keeps my mental body calm. The silence of meditation quietens the endless mental chatter (even if it is just of a small time).

My yoga community supports me with care and love. This together with the welcoming arms of my family and friends helps me to understand the incredible capacity of humanity to love and support one another especially in times of need. It feels like a wonderfully, soft warm blanket that I wrap around myself to hibernate and heal.

I invite you to become a part of a yoga community. To continue your practice. The rewards are numerous. In Patanjali’s sutra 1.21, “tivrah samvega asannah” which translates as:- those that peruse their practices with intensity will achieve the fruits more quickly. Find your daily practice whether it be pranayama, asana or meditation so that you may experience the yug (joining) of the body, mind and soul. That you may be at peace within yourself.

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